Teapot - One Chance in a Lifetime

Materials: S990 silver, ebony
Size: about 15x13x16cm (Handmade products may have small variance)

Made to order only, please contact customer service​​ for details.

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One Chance in a Lifetime
High-temperature forging, repeatedly tempering, to produce the gentle and graceful silver, the colorful and magnificent Mokume Gane. The rich organic texture conveys the natural charm of simplicity, and the simple shape makes it smart and interesting.
Inspired by the tea ceremony term "One period, One Meeting",which means that the host sincerely receives each guest and treasures every encounter, for it will never recur.

Product Care Tips
1. Water level should be kept at 80%-90% of the capacity of the whole pot. Otherwise, the spill of boiling water will damage the heating wire of the heating furnace and cause other danger.
2. Never heat the teapot without water, so as not to damage the welding parts at high temperature.
3. Heating with electric ceramic stoves are recommended.
4. Never put the teapot in a microwave oven.
5. Avoid friction and collision.
6. Avoid contact with salt water, hot springs and chemicals;
7. After using the teapot to boil or make tea, clean the inside and outside of the teapot in a timely manner and dry with a soft cloth, otherwise oxidation will be accelerated.
8. If the teapot becomes dirty and oxidated, use a silver polishing cloth. Avoid using acidic solvents to clean. Do not recommend cleaning with chemical products.
9. If not use for a long time, wipe clean, wrap the teapot with a soft cloth or paper and store in a cool and dry place.


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