Scroll Bag - Falling Flower

Pattern:Falling Flower, Artist: Bada Shanren(1626-1705)
Size:Length 39cm X Width 35cm X Deep 11cm

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Scroll Bag
The scroll, the most common style of framing traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy, has become a general term for both. Kesi, in addition to the Royal's use of weaving emperor's and empress's clothing, the craftsmanship is also often used for weaving famous paintings and calligraphy. The design of the scroll bag, is a combination of the two. When the scrolls are in hand, one can enjoy the exquisite craftsmanship and the famous artwork at the same time.

Kesi Product Care Tips
In order to preserve the original beauty of your Kesi product, please avoid direct sunlight, because the ultraviolet rays tend to cause the colors of the silk to deteriorate. Avoid placing Kesi products close to the stove, heating, etc. for a long time, because the silk fabric is easy to burn. When you’re not suing it, make sure to put it in a temperate and dry environment away from light, preferably in its original box or dust cover, and put some camphor balls nearby to avoid insects.


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