One Realm Pen

Category: Pens
Materials: ebony, brass, natural lacquer inlaid mother-of-pearl, 24K gold foil

The pattern and texture are created completely by hand. Each piece is unique, so the item you receive may look slightly different from the picture.

Made to order only. Please contact customer service​​ for details.

US$ 400

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One Realm
The combination of metal and natural lacquer, hard and soft, sensual and beautiful. Extremely time-consuming, remarkably elaborated process, to create the natural texture by hand. Each piece is unique. The elegant combination of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary simplicity. One heart, one realm, living in the present. 

WEI YEE Pen Care Tips
1, The lacquer part: avoid direct sunlight, avoid excessive dry and humid environment, avoid collision with sharp and hard stuff. To restore luster, polish with a soft dry cloth, apply a few drops of vegetable oil if needed.
2, The brass part: the brass does not have any plating treatment in order to retain its original beauty. When used for some time, the color of brass will change due to oxidation and contact with hand sweat. This is the patina. And every person can develop their own unique patina.


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