Lacquered wardrobe
Lacquered wardrobe

Lacquered wardrobe - All Things Are One

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All Things Are One
The natural lacquer makes the wood colorful, sensuous and beautiful, integrates the work of time and energy, and does its utmost to make the piece profound and calm.
The designer combines traditional craftsmanship with minimalist styling to infuse eternal aesthetic elements into the work. Heaven and earth, all things are one.

Lacquer Jewelry Care Tips
1. Clean using lukwarm water wth a soft sponge.
2. Avoid direct sunlight.
3. Never put your lacquerware in a microwave oven or a dishwasher.
4. Keep away from stoves or heaters, and avoid excessive dryness and humidity.
5. Avoid collision with sharp and hard stuff.
6. To restore luster, polish with a soft dry cloth, apply a few drops of vegetable oil if needed.


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