Blossom choker
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Blossom choker

Materials: S990 silver (Filigree Blossom) ,S925 silver (choker chain and clasp) , Felt (choker)

Craftsmanship: Filigree originated in the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 B.C.) in ancient China. Pure gold or silver is drawn into filaments that are as thin as hairs (<0.3mm). Filaments are then knotted, filled, assembled, welded, weaved and heaped into patterns. The whole process is very complicated going through dozens of steps, and with the use of precious materials, in history the craftsmanship has always been used only for the production of Royal supplies.

*Purely handcrafted, each piece is unique and may have slight variances.

US$ 80

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The soft wind and the warm sunshine are rippling in the spring days,
The playing butterflies and bees are coming in and out of the house.
The sprouting willow branches are swaying the passers-by's clothes,
On the table, scatters the wild petals carried in by the spring breeze.
                                      ——Cen Shen (715-770 AD), Mountain House in the Spring
Flowers and butterflies are synonymous with beauty. One calm and one mobile, set off against each other. The bees are always diligently flying through the colorful flowers, making nature more interesting. Therefore, they are not only deeply loved by the literati in all times and inspired countless poems and songs; but are also the source of inspiration for artisans and designers, and become the adornment of people's lives.

Filigree Jewelry Care Tips

1. Avoid friction and collision, avoid contact with water, oil and chemicals;
2. Wipe with a soft dry cotton cloth after daily wear, store in a sealed jewelry box;
3. To restore luster, use a silver polishing cloth on lightly tarnished areas;
4. If oxidation happens in large area, please contact WEI YEE after-sales services to arrange professional cleaning; not recommend cleaning with your own chemical products.


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