Auspicious Tote Bag

Fashionable and versatile, casual, business, sporty, free to match any styles.
Lightweight but strong and practical.
Each handbag is carefully crafted by an artisan with more than 10 years experience.

Materials: Full grain leather, canvas (film coated inside, waterproof and easy to clean)
Color: 01 Golden Brown, 02 Asphalt Grey
Size: Length 54cm X Width 27cm X Depth 22cm
Weight: 615g

US$ 280

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Auspicious Tote Bag


Auspicious Series – Gourd Bag

In ancient China, the gourd was a kind of mascot. "Gourd" is a homonym of "Fu Lu" in Chinese, Fu means harmony and represents family happiness; Lu means promotion and fortune, representing wealth. So gourds imply wealth and auspiciousness.

The gourd vines are stretching up and the gourds have many seeds, which represents vigorous vitality, so it is also regarded as the mascot of prosperous descendants and many children and blessings. There is a proverb: "A gourd in the house will make the family rich", which means that if you put a gourd at home, you will get rich.

Gourd is people's yearning for a better life, and we hope that this gourd bag can keep happiness and wealth always by your side.

Leather Care:

1. Leather is a living material that becomes softer and develops a patina over time. It is sensitive to water, oil, high temperatures, light, excessive humidity and dryness.  Avoid prolonged exposure to strong light or extreme heat, as it may cause discoloration. If the product comes into contact with water, immediately wipe it with a lint-free soft cloth to prevent water stains or the formation of bubbles after drying.
2. Avoid contact with ink (ballpoint pens and fountain pens, etc.), oily substances (cosmetics and lipsticks, etc.), perfume, or alcohol-based products.
3. For light-colored leather, try to avoid repeated rubbing with rough or color-shedding textiles to prevent wear or discoloration.
4. To maintain the original beauty of the leather product, store it in a place with moderate temperature, away from light, and in a dry and well-ventilated environment when 
not in use, preferably in its original box or dust cover. 


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