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Chuang Tzu, the Chinese philosopher from 3rd Century BC, once said: “Heaven, Earth and I were produced together, and all things and I are one.” From here comes WEI YEE, meaning “become one”.
Inspired by the decorative patterns on the Bronze in the Shang and Zhou dynasties, one of the most prosperous times in ancient China (1600—256 B.C.)for arts and crafts, combined with the modern abstract art, traditional culture and contemporary aesthetics are presented through the filigree carftsmanship used exclusively for the royal family. All pieces are hand-crafted by more than 30 processing steps using S990 silver, some are decorated with carefully selected Tahitti black pearls or South Sea pearls. The works are exquisite,elegant and luxurious.
WEI YEE's Filigree Bracelet
WEI YEE's Filigree & Inlay首页素材75755
WEI YEE's Filigree Earrings
Chinese gardens pay attention to delight and artistic conception, so the windows and door holes take a variety of interesting and symbolic shapes. Their rich and varied patterns, boasting ingenious composition and exquisite carving, not only constitute beautiful landscape, but also give the communication permeability inside and outside of the garden space, so that the artistic layout and purport can be realized, and a higher level of art – the poetic imagery of garden, is created. The cascading sets, deep courtyards, changing scenery, twisting paths, where hills bend, streams wind and the pathway seems to end, past dark willows and flowers in bloom, lies another garden…  
The “Garden Delight” collection is inspired by Chinese gardens. Combining traditional Kesi and wood carving craftsmanship with contemporary design, it tries to bring the unique aesthetic concept in Chinese culture – the artistic conception, into WEI YEE’s products, in the hustle and bustle modern life, to search a kind of ease and enjoyment like walking in the garden.
The natural lacquer makes the wood colorful, sensuous and beautiful, integrates the work of time and energy, and does its utmost to make the piece profound and calm.
The designer combines traditional craftsmanship with minimalist styling to infuse eternal aesthetic elements into the work. Heaven and earth, all things are one.
WEI YEE Lacquered five-drawer cabinet
WEI YEE Lacquered coat hanger locker & Lacquered wardrobe
WEI YEE Lacquerware首页素材3453458
High-temperature forging, repeatedly tempering, to produce the gentle and graceful silver, the colorful and magnificent Mokume Gane. The rich organic texture conveys the natural charm of simplicity, and the simple shape makes it smart and interesting.
Inspired by the tea ceremony term "One period, One Meeting",which means that the host sincerely receives each guest and treasures every encounter, for it will never recur.
WEI YEE's teapot|One Chance in a Lifetime
WEI YEE's Teapot
首页素材6576 拷贝xcxc
WEI YEE's Mokume Gane (Wood Grain Gold)首页素材sfsfsfswww