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The Bronze Era Filigree Ear Clip/Pendant

Category: Filigree Ear Clip/Pendant
Materials: Ear Clip/Pendant - S990 silver
Necklace - S925 silver

Can be worn as ear clips or pendant

HKD 1,510-HKD 2,900

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The Bronze Era Filigree Ear Clip/Pendant

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The Bronze Era
Inspired by the decorative patterns on the Bronze in the Shang and Zhou dynasties, one of the most prosperous times in ancient China (1600—256 B.C.)for arts and crafts, combined with the modern abstract art, traditional culture and contemporary aesthetics are presented through the filigree craftsmanship used exclusively for the royal family. All pieces are hand-crafted by more than 30 processing steps using S990 silver, some are decorated with carefully selected Tahiti black pearls or South Sea pearls.  The works are exquisite, elegant and luxurious.

Filigree Jewelry Care Tips
1, Avoid friction and collision, avoid contact with water,oil and chemicals;
2, Wipe with a soft dry cotton cloth after daily wear, store in a sealed jewelry box;
3, To restore luster, use a silver polishing cloth on lightly tarnished areas;
4, If oxidation happens in large area, please contact WEI YEE after-sales services to arrange professional cleaning; not recommend cleaning with your own chemical products.