Garden Delight - The Shadow of Bamboo

Lining:goat skin
Chain:Shell pearl
Size:Length 20cm X Width 11cm X Depth 5cm

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HKD 27,360

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Garden Delight
Chinese gardens pay attention to delight and artistic conception, so the windows and door holes take a variety of interesting and symbolic shapes. Their rich and varied patterns, boasting ingenious composition and exquisite carving, not only constitute beautiful landscape, but also give the communication permeability inside and outside of the garden space, so that the artistic layout and purport can be realized, and a higher level of art – the poetic imagery of garden, is created. The cascading sets, deep courtyards, changing scenery, twisting paths, where hills bend, streams wind and the pathway seems to end, past dark willows and flowers in bloom, lies another garden…  

The “Garden Delight” collection is inspired by Chinese gardens. Combining traditional 
Kesi and wood carving craftsmanship with contemporary design, it tries to bring the unique aesthetic concept in Chinese culture – the artistic conception, into WEI YEE’s products, in the hustle and bustle modern life, to search a kind of ease and enjoyment like walking in the garden.

Kesi Product Care Tips
In order to preserve the original beauty of your Kesi product, please avoid direct sunlight, because the ultraviolet rays tend to cause the colors of the silk to deteriorate. Avoid placing Kesi products close to the stove, heating, etc. for a long time, because the silk fabric is easy to burn. When you’re not suing it, make sure to put it in a temperate and dry environment away from light, preferably in its original box or dust cover, and put some camphor balls nearby to avoid insects.