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One Realm Cufflinks

Category: Cufflinks
Materials: copper plated with 18K white gold, natural lacquer inlaid eggshells

The pattern and texture are created completely by hand. Each piece is unique, so the item you receive may look slightly different from the picture.
Please contact customer service​​ if needed.

HKD 2,400

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One Realm
The combination of metal and natural lacquer, hard and soft, sensual and beautiful. Extremely time-consuming, remarkably elaborated process, to create the natural texture by hand. Each piece is unique. The elegant combination of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary simplicity. Inadvertently, the men's monotonous suits become a scenery.

Lacquer Jewelry Care Tips
Avoid direct sunlight, avoid excessive dry and humid environment, avoid collision with sharp and hard stuff. To restore luster, polish with a soft dry cloth, apply a few drops of vegetable oil if needed.